Payday Friday

“Win £10,000 on Payday Friday”
Omigod, I can’t believe it!  I’m in the actual final! I didn’t think I had a chance of winning, and now I just need to just, like, keep it together to answer three questions on Friday. I need this money so much you wouldn’t believe. I’ll be able to get my nails and hair extensions done before Courtney’s wedding. And I can get a wax and tan; I can’t miss the chance to look super-good in front of Josh and Corey.  O-M-G, Brooke will be literally green! I’d better make an appointment quickly; the salon’s like, really busy this time of year.

Oh, hey, the hen party – that Zara dress?  It’s totally me. A jacket? No, bag and shoes.  Two bags and shoes.  And a cute dress for the party after the recepti

Banknotes 20 Notes Twenty Pound notes pile of 20 banknoteson. I don’t really need one, I mean, I’m supposed to actually keep the bridesmaid’s dress on literally the whole day, but I’m sure Courtney will be ok. If anyone gets it, she will; that’s, like, how she got Joel, at Maddison’s wedding


I’d better keep quiet about this ‘cos Mum will defo want me to pay her back what I’ve borrowed since I lost my job.  I think I actually probably owe her that much, if you count what I borrowed to go Cuba with Cara in December. Mum’s got an actual job, and she always gets extra shifts at work, but I’ve only got Jobseeker’s Allowance. The only reason I’m not being sanctioned is that my skills advisor fancies me, so he’s literally doing all my job applications for me. I mean, it’s not like there are any jobs, or any I would do, any way.  It’s just so ridiculous!  I can tell he’s working his nerve up to ask me out. Obvs, I’ve already told him I don’t have a boyfriend, so I’ll have to, like, find an excuse. I mean, Damian? Not even.

I think I’ll have some of those crystals on my nails. Would it be too much on my toes as well? I’ll have to have actual bare legs, or I’d rip my stockings, plus I don’t want to cover up the tan.  Ooh! Victoria’s Secret – I literally need all new underwear as well; I want to make a big impression on Josh.  Or Corey.

I really, really want my hair silver, like Rihanna.  I think it’s called ombre grey but silver sounds better, doesn’t it? Courtney said it would clash with the dresses, but what’s she going to do if I just turn up with it? Anyway, she only picked the colour to go with Willow’s dress, and Willow’s only ten months. I mean, I know she’s Courtney’s baby and everything, but she’s not even walking, and if I was Courtney, I literally wouldn’t put her in the photographs, not with that hair. Joel’s not even ginger, so…

I think I’ll make the appointment at Blushing Beauty now, and I’ll see if Cara wants to come with me to Bluewater on Thursday. We can get a cab over for a champagne breakfast; that should set us up for some actual retail therapy.  I’ll borrow the money from Mum, and give it back to her on Friday when I win.

Happy days!




9 thoughts on “Payday Friday

  1. Thank you – it’s a little piece I did for an assignment on ‘Start Writing Fiction, an online course I’m doing. It’s very enjoyable! I’ve looked at your blog and am following now. Congrats on publishing ‘Justice and Other Stories’, btw!


      1. I wrote a lot of little stories for that course. I need to revive them on my blog somehow – they deserve the new and improved audience that I have now. There are so many lovely people here on WordPress! 🙂
        How’s your day going, Debbie?


      2. Oh, ok – deep-cleaning the gite for first guests on Saturday. Re-homing spiders, mainly! I’ve spent all week up on a ladder, first painting the beams with anti-termite solution, then ripping down the cane roof of the abris next to the pool, then putting a new one up. Not hard, but really fiddly. Still, the weather’s really warm – hope it holds for the guests. Nothing worse than coming to France and getting poor weather!

        How are things with you?


        Liked by 1 person

      3. You have a delightful touch with language – re-homing spiders indeed! 🙂
        True – I hope the weather holds for you too.
        What’s a ‘gite’? And when it comes to that, I’m not really sure what an ‘abris’ is either.
        Things are good with me – I work in an office and so no spiders or termites (or weather) to contend with here. Still, I wouldn’t mind being outdoors now – it’s glorious out there!
        Writing is going well, with a focus now on non-fiction more than anything. I’m writing a series of writing tips (as you know) and an occasional series of well-being tips. Enjoying my writing enormously! 🙂


      4. Sorry – It’s hard to remember sometimes – we use words interchangeably here, especially when there isn’t a direct english equivalent! The gite is a holiday cottage in our garden – we let it during the summer to holiday visitors. It has a pool, and I get to use it if we have a gap between guests. The abris is a shade running along the wall of the gite, next to the swimming pool. It’s and oak frame with a roof made of canes lashed together. We buy the canes on a roll, and fasten it to battens on the frame with plastic coated wire ties. It needs to be replaced every 2-3 years. Some have theirs roofed with tiles, but we thought it would make the sitting room in the gite dark. Here’s a link to our website so you can see.

        We are thinking about selling (Phil’s dad has just been widowed, and both his dad and my mam are nearly 80, and not in great health, plus we have our first grandchild, and they are all in the UK; I’ll be sorry to leave here permanently, though – I do love it here!) hence the additional stuff on the website, but wanted to see the referendum results first – we might have to wait a year or two for the market to settle down. Still, que sera, sera etc!


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